Sell your photo products with the most advanced web software.

iWEB allows you to sell your products easier and faster.

Boost your sales and save costs


Your online store 24/7 open and available from everywhere for your customers. Save costs by automating the printing workflow, no matter which printers you already have.

Print yourself


Get ready to print orders as downloadable files: Intended for photo stores, photo-labs or professional printers.

Stand out from your competitors


No more downloads or never ending installations in your customer’s computers. If they can surf the web, they can use Imaxel iWEB. Furthermore, you’ll be allowed to create as many new product templates as you want.


iWEB is the most professional and complete solution to sell your photo products online. Test its workflow by clicking the button below.

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Click the ” Try it now” button to try iWEB now. Remember that once you get your own iWeb, the products offered will be your own products and templates designed by you.

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Know more

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Full control

Get full control over the process. Store set up, define your product catalogue & download your orders.


Getting paid

3 payment options for your clients: Credit Card through your payment gateway, wire transfer, or pay on delivery.


Full solution

Editor frontend, management backoffice and a professional production workflow.


Personalised editor

Your logo, product icons and description. Choose your pick up points, commercial promotions and delivery methods.

Printstore vs iWeb

Same technology platform and frontend. Different target, configuration and price.
iWeb is the most powerful and advanced solution that give you full control of your own web commerce with exclusive products.


✔ Entry level online photo ordering software, specifically designed to offer an easy cost effective way to sell standard photoproducts .

✔ Cloud based to offer advanced features for low to medium volumes.

✔ For small to medium business like copy centers, photostores and medium comecial printers or photolabs

✔ Standard product portfolio selected from a preloaded product library.

✔ Operating expense = service subscription (running fee).

✔ All inclusive infrastructure and all inclusive maintenance.


✔ Advanced level online photo ordering software, specifically designed to offer maximum customization and exclusive products in a high production system.

✔ Bespoke installation in a dedicated server. Includes a production workflow ready to produce high order volumes.

✔ For medium to large business: fully automated production workflow cheaper for higher volumes

>✔ Fully customizable portfolio open to create new photo products and designs

✔ Capital expense = ownership (different options)

✔ Independent on infrastructure. Extra costs for upgrades, support and IT maintenance

Can I upload any kind of image?

Yes, you can use all the RGB formats on iWEB.

Does iWEB include a web page?

No, iWEB is an online editor which is linked to your site.

What does the monthly payment include?

  • Hosting and maintenance of the solution
  • Free software updates
  • Online technical support to the shop

Which computers are compatible with iWEB?

PC, Mac and Linux compatible (Adobe Flash required)

Can I design my own templates?

Yes, you can design your own templates, even using Photoshop or Illustrator.


Everything we do is inspired by our clients.  We work with the aim of becoming technology partners of our customers and we feel committed to reach their business goals.

“With iWEB my customers don’t need to download or install software on their computers anymore. Reciving calls asking for installation support are over.”

—Samuel Gómez, manager of Foto SG

If I had to choose again a new solution for ordering photo products online, I would choose iWEB.”

—Marco Nava, sales manager of ItaBooks

“Your Help Desk team deserve a special mention, they do it great.

—Soufiane Benali, director of BenaliPrint

How can we help?

Our goal is to help photo and printing specialists to maximize their business with innovative software solutions to get their customers closer. Imaxel professional team is always ready to help you. Since 2002 we’ve developed photo software solutions for more than 350 clients in  35 countries around the world.

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